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Cats in Art - Gallery One

The cat is one of the most graceful and beautiful animals in the world. Seti and Loki have collected some of their favourite paintings for your viewing pleasure. If you would like to nominate a painting for the gallery, or provide us with a copy of your own painting, pleae email Seti and Loki.

Cats in art: Jean-Jacques Bachelier - Un chat Angola (1761) Cats in art: Hans Asper - Portrait of Cleophea Holzhalb

Jean-Jacques Bachelier: Un chat Angola (1761)
Jean-Jacques Bachelier was a french painter who lived from 1724-1806. He largely painted animals and flowers, but was admitted to the Academie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture in 1752 in recognition of his portrait of the King. He painted a number of beautiful cats, but this is my favourite.

Hans Asper: Portrait of Cleophea Holzhalb (1538)
Hans Asper (1499 - 1571) was a Swiss painter who lived in Zurich all of his life. He painted in a variety of styles, but his subjects were often still life studies of flowers and fruit. He highly regarded by the citizens of Zurich who had a medal struck in his honor, but many of his works have been lost.

Cats in art: Friedrich Overbeck - Portait of Malers Franz Pforr (1810) Cats in art: Francisco de Goya y Lucientes (Goya) - Portrait of Don Manuel

Friedrich Overbeck: Portait of Malers Franz Pforr (1810)
Friedrich Overbeck (1755-1821) was a german painter who moved to Rome in 1810 and joined other painters in the old Franciscan convent of San Isidoro. This group was known as "the Nazarenes" as their works display a serious and pious nature. This painting depicts a fellow student at the Vienna academy, Franz Pforr, with his cat.

Goya: Portait of Don Manuel (1784)
Francisco de Goya (1746 - 1828) was a Spanish painter sometimes hailed as "the Father of Modern Art". He initially trained in the Rococo style which was very much in vogue at the time. However, he was strongly influenes by Velazquez and Rembrandt and gradually developed his own distinctive style. This portrait depicts the son of the conde de Altamira.

Jan Van Kessle III

Cats in art: Jan Van Kessle - Cats eating fish Cats in art: Jan Van Kessle - A cat and a dog in front of a lobster
Cats eating fish A cat and a dog in front of a lobster

Jan Van Kessle III (1654 - 1708) was a Flemish painter. He was the son of Jan van Kessel (1626-1679).

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