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My name is Setimerenptah, but you may call me Seti.


I am named after Seti I, a Pharaoh of Egypt during the New Kingdom, because my pets immediately recognised my regal bearing when I interviewed them. My name means "He of Set, beloved of Ptah".

I am an extremely hansome ginger tabby cat who would like to make new friends and share stories and pictures with them. Whenever possible, I spend my time sleeping and dreaming of world domination. My other interests include; eating popadoms; chasing leaves in the garden; having my tummy rubbed; and hiding from my arch-nemesis, Loki.

Hello, my name is Loki.


I am named after the Norse God of mischief, although I am extermely well behaved (most of the time).

I have a beautiful silky black coat, but unlike Seti I like being scruffy. I often walk around with bits of fluff on my face just for fun and love to hide in dusty places. I love people. Although I am quite shy at first, I am very chatty when you get to know me. I have a particular fondness for shoes and plastic bags and enjoy scampering around the flat, but do not like the outside world much (it is cold and a little scary). My other interests include; playing fetch with my pets, eating tuna; cuddles; and playfighting with Seti.

This site is written and maintained on behalf of Seti and Loki by their pets. © 2008 Feline Forever

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